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New Childrens Material


6-14-24 Library Releases

  • Not-A-Box City by Antoinette Portis
  • Abuela’s Library by Lissette Norman
  • Duck Duck Taco Truck by Laura Lavoie
  • Goodnight School by Catherine Bailey
  • The Squish by Breanna Carzoo
  • Perla: The Mighty Dog by Isabel Allende
  • Step Into Reading Level 2: Grumpy Monkey: Too Many Bugs by Suzane Lang

6-7-24 Library Releases

  • Cesaria Feels the Beat by Denise Adusei
  • Moon Bear by Clare Helen Welsh
  • Mini Bluey: A Bluey Storybook
  • Go and Get with Rex by David Larochelle
  • The Trouble with Earth by Alex Latimer
  • Moon Camp by Barry Gott
  • Sumo Libre by Joe Sepeda

6-3-24 Library Releases

  • Vacation: Three-And-A-Half Stories by Ame Dyckman
  • My Book and Me by Linda Sue Park
  • Olu's Teacher: A Story About Starting Preschool by Jamel C. Campbell
  • A Bear, a Fish, and a Fishy Wish by Daniel Bernstrom
  • Pete the Cat for Class President! by Kimberly & James Dean
  • Disney Pixar: Inside Out2: Riley’s New World

5-24-24 Library Releases

  • Ursula Upside Down by Corey R. Tabor
  • Dalmartian: A Mars Rover’s Discovery by Lucy Ruth Cummins
  • The Pelican Can! by Toni Yuly
  • The Suitcase by Daniela Sosa
  • Hornbeam Gets It Done by Cynthia Rylant
  • The Elephant and the Sea by Ed Vere
  • Finding Things by Kevin Henkes
  • Ready to Read Level 2: Interrupting Cow Meets the Wise Quacker by Jane Yolen
  • We’re Having a Party (For Everyone!) by Katie Vernon
  • Waiting in the Wings by Julie Andrews
  • Big Bear and Little Bear Go Fishing by Amy Hest
  • When Rosie Walks George by Amy Hest
  • How to Train Your Amygdala by Ann Housley Juster
  • Swim School: A Bluey Storybook
  • Cooking With the Sneetches by Astrid Holm
  • If I Drove An Ice Cream Truck by the Cat in the Hat
  • The Worry-Worry Whale and the Classroom Jitters by Deborah Diesen

5-17-24 Library Releases

  • I Can Read Level 3: Gigi and Ojiji: Perfect Paper Cranes by Melissa Iwai
  • Your House Is Not Just A House by Idris Goodwin
  • With Dad by Richard Jackson
  • Megatron Is Put to the Test: Ready-To-Read Level 2 by Gloria Cruz
  • Uni the Unicorn Mermaid Helper by Amy Krouse Rosenthal
  • Beach Bummer by Ryan T. Higgins
  • Two Wheels by David Gibb
  • Summer: A Solstice Story by Kelsey E. Gross
  • Peaches by Gabriele Davis

5-13-24 Library Releases

  • The Curious Why by Angela DiTerlizz
  • Summer is Here by Renee Watson
  • The Truth About the Couch by Adam Rubin
  • You’ll Always Be My Chickadee by Kate Hosford

5-7-24 Library Releases

  • Look by Gabi Snyder
  • A Sundae With Everything On It by KyleScheele
  • My Day With Mom by Rae Crawford
  • Flap Your Hands by Steve Asbell
  • You’re So Amazing by James and Lucy Catchpole

Board Books

6-7-24 Library Releases

  • On the Farm by Nikki Shannon Smith

5-24-24 Library Releases

  • Did You Hear That? by Antonio Vicente
  • Dinosaurs in Trucks Because Hey, Why Not? by Sandra Boynton

5-7-24 Library Releases

  • Fuzzy Fuzzy Fuzzy!: A Touch, Skritch, and Tickle Book by Sandra Boynton
  • Bluey and Bingo's Book of Singy Things: A Tabbed Board Book



6-3-2024 Library Releases

  • Freedom on the Sea: The True Story of the Civil War Hero Robert Smalls and His Daring Escape to Freedom by Michael Boulware Moore
  • Are You Small? by Mo Willems
  • Internet Issues: Gaming by Shalini Vallepur

5-24-24 Library Releases

  • She Remembered It All: The Art of Memory Painter Helen LaFrance by Jayne Moore Waldrop

5-7-24 Library Releases

  • The History of Pet Birds by Alicia Z. Kelpeis
  • The History of Pet Dogs by Alicia Z. Kelpeis