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New Childrens Material


Rectangle Time
by Pamela Paul

2-22-21 Library Releases

  • How to Catch a Clover Thief by Elise Parsley
  • Hello, Jimmy! by Anna Walker
  • Share Some Kindness, Bring Some Light by Apryl Stott
  • Disney Frozen All Around Arendalle by Elle Stephens
  • Dreamworks Dragons Rescue Riders: The Mystery of the Dragon Eggs by Maggie Testa

2-12-21 Library Releases

  • Happy Dreams, Little Bunny by Leah Hong
  • Follow That Frog! by Philip C. Stead
  • The Midnight Fair by Gideon Sterer
  • How to Promenade with a Python (And Not Get Eaten) by Rachel Poliquin
  • A Small Kindness by Stacy McAnulty
  • Eyes that Kiss in the Corners by Joanna Ho
  • Sadie Sprocket Builds a Rocket by Sue Fliess
  • The Berenstain Bears: Gifts of the Spirit Caring by Mike Berenstain

2-5-21 Library Releases

  • Mel Fell by Corey Tabor
  • Jack Gets Zapped! by Mac Barnett
  • I Am Smart, I Am Blessed, I Can Do Anything! by Alissa Holder
  • I Am Not a Penguin by Liz Wong
  • Agent Lion and the Case of the Missing Party by David Soma
  • Amelia Bedelia Steps Out by Herman Parish
  • I Want to Be a Teacher by Laura Driscoll

1-26-21 Library Releases

  • Avocado Asks What Am I? by Momoko Abe
  • Don't Hug Doug (He Doesn't Like It) by Carrie Finison
  • Marsha is Magnetic by Beth Ferry

Board Books

2-22-21 Library Releases

  • Let's Go Grow a Garden! with Dr. Seuss's Lorax by Todd Tarpley

2-12-21 Library Releases

  • Teeny Tiny Farmer by Rachel Matson
  • Love by Casey Rislov
  • Brilliant Baby Does Math by Laura Gehl

2-5-21 Library Releases

  • Tiny T. Rex and the Perfect Valentine by Jonathan Stutzman
  • Pet by Matthew Van Fleet


Gidget the Surfing Dog by Elizabeth Rusch

Just Being Dali
by Amy Guglielmo

2-22-21 Library Releases

  • Meet Fiona the Hippo by Richard Cowdrey

2-12-21 Library Releases

  • Little People, Big Dreams: Prince by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara
  • The Highest Tribute: Thurgood Marshall's Life, Leadership, and Legacy by Kekla Magoon

1-11-21 Library Releases

  • Starstruck: The Cosmic Journey of Neil DeGrasse Tyson by Kathleen Krull
  • Flying High: The Story of Gymnastics Champion Simone Biles by Michelle Meadows