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Library Card Application Policy

Anyone owning property or residing in Graves County may apply for a library card at the Graves County Public Library. To get a card, please bring proof of address (such as an electric bill with your name and address on it) and a picture ID.

You must also have a second reference’s name, address, and telephone number with you. That can be a neighbor or relative that doesn’t live at your address. Your new library card is free and has your individual barcode on it.

You may borrow only three books or magazines for the first three check out periods. When you have completed three checkouts and returns on the date they are due back, you may utilize all materials from the library. Library policy requires that with your signature, you agree to the following:

I agree to be responsible for all materials borrowed with this card and return them on their due date, and for any fines and fees incurred, including charges for lost and damaged materials.

Notification of Changes

For your own safety, you are required to notify the library if your name or address changes. If your library card is lost, notify the library immediately to prevent the possible unauthorized use and protect your records. Your first card is free, but a $2.00 fee is charged for replacement of lost, stolen or damaged cards. For your convenience, we now accept credit cards.

Parent/ Guardian Responsibilities

By signing your library card, or when you sign your dependent’s registration card, you are agreeing to the conditions stated hereafter. Please be a responsible library user so that what is provided freely to you will be free to others. Parent and guardian of patron under the age of 18, here’s your responsibility:

I agree to be responsible for materials borrowed by the above named minor and to return them on their date due, and for fines and fees incurred, including charges for lost and damaged material. I understand that the library does not accept responsibility for my child’s choice of library materials from either adult or children’s books or video/DVD recording collections. I accept responsibility for the selection of materials made by this person.

Contact the Graves County Public Library with any questions you have regarding the library card policies.

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